Alyssa Hariprashad


Dr. Alyssa Hariprashad is a dedicated healthcare practitioner who believes in the promotion of preventative care in rehabilitative medicine. She applies an evidence-based and holistic approach to wellness, with a focus on interventions that meet the changing needs of her patients and help prevent future injuries. Alyssa has worked with many complex patient care conditions in both orthopedic injuries and neurological conditions and finds solutions to challenging ailments. She enjoys treating different kinds of populations, particularly post-surgical rehabilitation, pelvic floor dysfunction and gender reassignment surgical rehabilitation. Her effective communication with medical practitioners ensures that her patients’ post-operative care is tailored to each individual and sets her apart from others. She believes in an individualized approach to care, and strongly promotes patient education to enhance awareness and prevention of injuries. She offers a continuation of the Stroma Philosophy using a minds-on, hands-on approach. She is always smiling and laughing adding to the warmth of the Stroma way!

Alyssa is a certified personal trainer and is working towards her Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC)  through Herman and Wallace. Alyssa began her career by earning a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Institute of Technology.