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Karen Wong


Karen has been a practicing physical therapist for over ten years, delighting in bettering people’s bodies and their relationships to them. Hailing from the west coast, she grew up in Los Angeles and received her B.A. in Rhetoric at the University of California at Berkeley. From there she headed to the east coast, completing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University.

She began her career at Spagnoli Physical Therapy and became certified with the Institute of Physical Arts (IPA).  She moved on to James Fowler Physical Therapy where she practiced IPA and continued studies with the techniques of Mulligan and Integrative Manual Therapy Solutions. Constantly looking to improve her hands and eyes, she left after seven years to train at Kaiser Permanente’s program in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) in Vallejo, California, working with patients with cases of stroke, spinal cord and brain injury, amputation, and other neurological conditions.

Along with orthopedic patients, Karen has treated neurological, geriatric, and pediatric case.  She continues to explore diverse approaches to physical therapy treatment and finds her strengths lie in how she relates to her patients.  Grateful for all that she learns from them, Karen finds her greatest rewards in her patients’ progress and achievements.