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Vinita Chandra Mody

Founder & Physical Therapist, MScPT, ICTm, PRPC

Vinita Chandra Mody, the visionary behind Stroma Physical Therapy and pioneer of Ischemic Conditioning Techniques™ (ICT) by Stroma, brings nearly two decades of expertise in New York City’s Physical Therapy landscape. Integrating Eastern and Western healing philosophies, she guides patients towards holistic well-being. With multiple certifications, including Pilates Polestar Rehabilitation, Active Release Techniques, and the prestigious Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC) from Herman and Wallace, Vinita seamlessly merges hands-on experience, scientific acumen, and educational fervor, offering comprehensive services in sports rehabilitation, pediatrics, and pelvic health. Her TEDx talk showcases her groundbreaking full-body technique, ICT.

Passionate about Pelvic Floor Therapy, Vinita created the Pelvic Visual Analog Scale (P-VAS) as a screening tool, empowering fitness professionals to consider the pelvic floor in their training programs. Committed to advancing her field, she serves as a Master Clinician for NYU’s Doctoral program, contributes to the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Rehab Network’s advisory board, and actively participates in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) NY Chapter Leadership Committee. Vinita’s expertise has earned her recognition in Glamour Magazine and as a trusted expert on NBC digital.

Vinita holds a BSc in Kinesiology from McMaster University in Canada and an MSc.PT from Queen’s University, also in Canada.

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