Vinita Chandra Mody

Founder & Physical Therapist, MScPT, ICTm, PRPC

Vinita Chandra Mody, Founder of Stroma Physical Therapy and Ischemic Conditioning Techniques™ by Stroma has close to 20 years of experience working in Physical Therapy. Her passion for manipulating the body began as early as eight years old. She came up with the idea to open her own practice when she developed a following of loyal patients who attested to the benefits of her unique therapeutic style.

Vinita earned a BSc in Kinesiology from Canada’s McMaster University and an MSc.PT from Canada’s Queen’s University. Her “eye” for catching faulty movement patterns has enabled her to address patient’s pain complaints in a scientific and effective way. From head to toe, she analyzes her patients and puts together an algorithm to fix the problem. Some refer to her as a “generalist with great precision”.

With many certifications under her belt, which include full body and nerve entrapment certifications in Active Release Technique™, Polestar Pilates and the exclusive Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC) through Herman and Wallace, she combines her extensive experience using her hands and her passion for science and education to provide comprehensive services in the fields of sports rehabilitation, concussion, pediatrics and Women’s health. Additionally, she developed a full body curriculum for a technique she developed called ICT. She is currently collaborating with NYU to develop a study utilizing ICT for the treatment of Achilles Tendinopathy. (To learn more about ICT please watch Vinita’s TEDx talk!).

Vinita is passionate about Pelvic Floor Therapy and has developed a screening tool called the Pelvic Visual Analog Scale (P-VAS) to help fitness professionals identify how to appropriately consider the pelvic floor in their training programs.

Vinita serves her Physical Therapy community by acting as a Master Clinician for NYU’s Doctoral PT program and participates in the interview process as well. She is an active member of the HSS Rehabilitation Network and serves as an Advisory Board member since 2017 to present. She also serves on the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) NY Chapter on the Leadership Committee.

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