Schroth Method

Finally. Stand. Better.

The Schroth Method is an evidence-based, therapeutic exercise treatment for Scoliosis, a spinal condition characterized by an S or C curvature of the spine in the coronal plane. Schroth has been validated to assist in Scoliosis curve reversal in children, either in concert with bracing or as a standalone treatment, depending on strict criteria. It is also a valid treatment method in adults, addressing the flexible, postural component of Scoliosis and can help to halt adult Scoliosis progression and assist in symptom management. 


The Schroth Method is also used to treat Hyperkyphosis, a spinal condition affecting children and adults in which the thoracic spine (the part of the spine that connects to the ribcage) flexes forwards and is associated with forward head and increased lumbar lordosis. 


How the Schroth method works is best understood by thinking about the trunk in 3-D. Envision the rib cage and trunk as being like a balloon filled with air that can be manipulated via breathing. Using muscle energy generated by the body itself, in combination with breathing and external supports, the Schroth method aims to derotate the spine and improve muscle activation to support better posture.