Mobility vs. Flexibility

stretch photo

Mobility and flexibility are similar but different in the perspectives of how it relates to movement. .

Mobility refers to the ability of a joint or body part to move through its full range of motion with control and stability. In other words, mobility is the combination of flexibility and strength. Good mobility enables you to move smoothly and efficiently through various movements and activities.

Flexibility, on the other hand, is the ability of your muscles and joints to stretch passively through their full range of motion. It is the range of motion that you can achieve without the help of external forces. Good flexibility allows you to perform movements with ease and reduces the risk of injury.

In summary, mobility is the combination of flexibility and strength, while flexibility is simply the range of motion of a joint or body part. Good mobility requires both flexibility and strength, while good flexibility requires joint mobility and suppleness in the muscles and soft tissues. They both go hand in hand.


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